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DMX Global Logistics provides the facility of Real-Time Tracking through which the customers can check the real-time location of their shipments during the transit process. We use the GPS (Global Positioning System) as well as logistics databases to ensure round-the-clock virtual visibility of your shipment, thanks to which you can constantly monitor your freight.

One of the most significant benefits of real-time tracking is that if a shipment gets stuck or delayed during transit and a change of route is necessary; we can figure out an alternative solution to get your freight delivered on time. Real-Time Tracking allows us to create a consultation loop between us, You (customers), or the truck driver or freight network delivering the shipment. If there’s any change in the shipment delivery route, our real-time tracking system allows us to inform you immediately about it.

Improved Productivity

Boosting Freight Transportation Our Real-Time Tracking System enhances supply chain management by pinpointing critical issues. It ensures on-time delivery without driver-reported false claims and enables driver performance monitoring.

Improved Customer Support and Satisfaction

Our Real-Time tracking system minimizes theft and vandalism risks. It automatically alerts us when a truck enters a restricted or dangerous area, ensuring round-the-clock truck tracking for maximum security.

Improved Safety and Security of Your Freight

Enhance Customer Support and Satisfaction Our modern tracking system improves response times and proximity, exceeding customer expectations for transportation operations and route optimization.

Reduces Fuel Costs and Freight Rates

Efficiency and Savings with Real-Time Tracking Our system cuts fuel and labor costs, ensuring optimal fleet management and competitive freight rates. It minimizes idle times and provides real-time shipment status alerts

Route Optimization

Route Optimization Our system's route optimization software eliminates manual planning, finding the shortest and most efficient routes, considering factors like road closures, traffic, and weather, saving time and efficiency

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