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Customs Clearance

Whether you’re exporting or importing shipments into UAE, customs clearance is a legal requirement to get your goods delivered to their destinations. DMX Global Logistics provides you with a personalized custom clearance experience thanks to our licensed customs experts who are fully aware of customs rules and regulations in the UAE. Our Customs clearance services are tailormade to get your shipment cleared as soon as possible. Our Customs experts process a large number of shipments every day, and virtually all are cleared immediately. We save you time and money by turning the complex customs clearance processes into a simple, quick process. Regardless of the size of your freight, we have expertise and depth resources to transport your goods with sheer efficiency and professionalism.

What Customs Clearance Services We Provide

From the moment your goods arrive at the airport for import or export, we start our work with the necessary documentation that includes information about your shipments. We’re aware of all customs rules and regulations and make sure that your shipment meets every legal requirement before it leaves the airport.

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