Perishable cargo Handling

What is Perishable? Perishable cargo can be defined as any product that can deteriorate when it is not maintained within certain temperature and humidity conditions, elements or other criteria as defined by their lifecycle. These may include products such as fruits, vegetables, flowers, frozen fish, pharmaceuticals, biological products, dairy products, seafood, meat, etc. These products may be easily affected by inappropriate preservation conditions.

We, apart from processing clearance and airfreight of the general cargo, we have also earned an exclusive name in dependable, reliable and dedicated services towards export of the perishable shipments namely vegetables, fruits and cut flowers etc. to various stations abroad. We take utmost care of perishable goods right from the moments it is handed over to us along with processing the documentation from the governmental agencies. We have been successfully negotiating a special freight rate for perishables from several airlines thus benefiting the exporters and providing them a financial boost. Our agency has been trusted by several reputed perishable exporters for many years since we have always valued their confidence in us as the customer's satisfaction has always been our priority.


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